50 years anniversary

Hot forging and machining in CNC


The entire production process is managed to internal company, from the creation of prototypes, molds, equipment until you get to the operations of hot forging and machining in cnc. Always using technologically advanced machinery providing customers with high quality and flexibility so as to satisfy the most varied demands.

With use of our technical office where we find cad-cam systems we can create any component studying together with the customer and choose the best solution. Focused articles begins the construction of the molds and all the tooling required for the production of the piece itself.

In the department of forging can create pieces ranging from 50g up to 7 kg, using presses ranging from 200 to 700 ton. In the machining department are 8-axis CNC lathes cnc transfer machine 15 robotic units, work centers, where we perform all mechanical parts, and produce their components that will later be assembled, packaged, and delivered to the customer.

In the year 2018, we installed a transfer flexible Porta Solution system this system is completely automatic, controlled by Fanuc Robot with vision system, it is a flexible transfer machine made up of 3 independent work centers, operating on 3 orbiting 360° stations.
With this machine concept it is possible to manage multiple production batches, in order management is more flexible.