50 years anniversary

Hot forging and machining in CNC


The products of GPL Ghidini are mainly components, parts and accessories for coffee machines, dishwashers, catering for both professional and home use, components for industrial boilers, stoves, fireplaces, fittings, valves and special fittings.
Using high quality materials certified by our suppliers.
All products can be manufactured and personalized to the customer's request, executed on a measure in order to simplify, improve the final quality of the product.

In the year 2018 have been developed products used in the cleaning sector, it concerns valve bodies, taps and accessories for steam management, used for industrial and civil cleaning machines.
We have developed products that have brought the yield and the steam quality at much higher levels, compared to the use of similar products that can be recovered on the market. These products are used in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector and in any field where the use of high temperatures steam for cleaning is required.

In the same year the production line concerning wooden components was defined, a line already launched in 2017 but which is fully developed in 2018, where these items are appreciated and requested.
We produce high quality wooden components and accessories to be applied to machines where an important aesthetic value is required.
We produce components in European walnut, maple and wenge wood, developed for turning and milling, performing in-house finishing, treatment and assembly processes on brass, steel and aluminum components.

Our production